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Creating a supportive digital journey to carve out ownable territory in a rapidly disrupted competitive landscape.

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Where They Started

Granoff Therapy Associates has been an established therapy center in Austin for three decades, but they’d never established the foundational elements of their brand, such as their tone of voice, visual identity, color palette, or mission statement. So we spent several hours with their founder getting a download on every detail of their business – from their most loyal clientele, to their vision and charitable work before diving in.


Beyond crafting the fundamental articulations of who they were and defining exactly how they stood out from the competition, we were able to come up with strategies that would optimize the internal efficiency of their business – and find opportunities for expanding their practice that they hadn’t been able to pinpoint prior to their work with Sixteen. We were also very mindful of their greatest new threat – an ever-changing digital landscape that meant remote therapy options were rapidly gaining market share, with a completely digital model that was disrupting the industry.

The Visual World

We curated an ownable palette using tranquil neutral tones, with visuals that evoked a feeling of natural simplicity. Soft light, natural elements, and intimate connection were important cues used throughout. The overall feeling was serene, soothing and mindful with an elevated sophistication that was true to the core of who they were and how they operated.

The Final Product

The final product was a stunning website that guided visitors through a tranquil journey with the sensitivity and support required of very delicate topics, such as infertility and family counseling. But we also found the appropriate time to tastefully pinpoint exactly why this brand was the preferred solution compared to its completely digital competition, all while boosting search rankings in a huge way.

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Powerful Results

In just 30 days from site lanch, organic traffic had increased by a whopping 1,900% in unique visitors, while site sessions increased by 2,500%.

Valerie Granoff, Founder, Granoff Therapy Associates

Sixteen Agency and Hallie, specifically were incredibly professional and efficient, making the very daunting process of rebranding and the creation of my new website, stress-free. I was amazed at how quickly it all came together and required very little editing. Hallie took me through every step of the project offering wisdom and insights from her extensive experience and listened to everything that was important to me. She has an eye for beautiful aesthetics, wrote content that reflected exactly what I wanted to convey, and very intentionally optimized the entire site to give me a greater presence on the web. Even more importantly, Hallie has a way of remaining in control of the process, setting expectations for each day of work together, all the while providing a gentleness, encouragement all with incredible compassion.


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