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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does branding matter?


Having a unique and ownable brand identity is critical to the success of your business. In a cluttered market with no shortage of options, branding and advertising is one powerful way to make your business stand out from your competition. It can also increase the credibility of your business. This ensures your first impression is cohesive, clear and credible, which could be the deciding factor that converts a prospective lead into a paying client.


How does web design impact business?


Research has found that most visitors spend just .05 seconds on your site before forming an opinion on your brand, so your first impression is everything. Further, 40% of site visitors say they will leave and visit your competitor’s site if they have trouble navigating yours. So a poor website design could quite literally lead to not just a loss in your own business – but leaking leads to your competitors. A whopping 75% of consumers say they judge a brand’s credibility based on their web design alone, and 57% say they won’t recommend a brand to a friend if that brand’s site is poorly designed on mobile, which could crush the power of word of mouth – no matter how great your services are.


How does Sixteen’s pricing compare with that of independent contractors like web developers, or large advertising agencies?


Sixteen Agency strives to make critical advertising and branding services more accessible than ever to small business owners. We have found that working with three different independent contractors to achieve the same results of our package could cost upward of $40,000 while big agency rates are closer to $170,000.


How long does it usually take to build a website?


A professional website built by a web development company or advertising agency will generally take six months to a year. But Sixteen Agency works much faster. We haave developed a templated process over the course of fifteen years in the advertising industry that makes our job easier with no sacrifice to the quality of your brand strategy, web design, and visual identity. By creating a similar structure for the information architecture, site map, and other brand elements associated with developing a full website and brand strategy for a small business, we have more time to customize those elements according to the most important aspects of your business and the vision you have for your brand.


What small business services do you offer?


Sixteen Agency is a full service agency that offers everything from copy and design to photoshoots and full campaigns for larger, well-known brands across many industries. But for small businesses, we offer a flat rate package that combines visual identity development (brand logo, brand palette, look and feel) with brand strategy (elevator pitch, mission statement, brand promise, brand differentiation, and tone of voice) as well as full website design for small businesses (UX, SEO, information architecture, incorporation of branded elements, etc.) to small businesses. Beyond this flat rate package we also provide marketing materials for small businesses like business cards, pitch templates, flyers, letterheads, brochures, and beyond.


What types of brands does Sixteen Agency work with? 


We have worked with brands large and small across nearly every industry, including luxury fashion, beauty, lifestyle, consumer packaged goods, wellness, pharmaceuticals, new technology, personal care, real estate, philanthropic, food and bev, and spirits. Right now we are most heavily focused on helping small businesses in Austin, Texas access branding and web development services that have been out of reach for too long.

Where is Sixteen Agency located?


We are located in Austin, Texas, but service clients across the country and even outside of the US. We often work with brands that are based in NYC and LA.

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